Nacogdoches Area United Way

Nacogdoches Area United Way

The Nacogdoches Area United Way (NAUW) is a volunteer organization that supports and funds programs that address three essential impact areas; health and well-being, education, and financial stability.

Information on the Affordable Care Act, how it affects you and how the health care law benefits you and your family as well as how to find low cost health insurance. Enrollment started October 2013, Click here to view checklists to make sure you’re ready!

Your Texas Benefits

HHSC is building a statewide network of community-based organizations, such as East Texas Community Health Services, Inc. that can help people apply online for benefits, including food, cash and medical assistance. East Texas Community Health Services, Inc. will have trained and certified staff members available to assist our patients with their online benefits application at


Medical Care You Can Afford – AARP Article describes ways to afford medical care, listing Community Health Centers as their first way!

Community Rx Help

Community Rx Help is a non-profit organization, which helps people, with no insurance and low to moderate income, get their medication at no charge to the patient.

Kaiser Family Foundation

New Animated Video – The YouToons are back in their third animated short to help consumer understand their health insurance coverage. Health Insurance Explained – The YouToons Have It Covered breaks down important insurance concepts and explains how individuals pay for coverage and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance.

300 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – A searchable collection of questions and answers about all aspects of the ACA. Updated and new FAQs cover plan renewal, cancellations, financial assistance, guidance for understanding 2014 federal income taxes in the context of the health law, potential penalties for not obtaining coverage, exemptions to the individual mandate, how the law applies to people in different circumstances and more.

Subsidy Calculator – Consumers can generate estimates of their health insurance premiums and government subsidies for 2015 plans that they purchase through an ACA marketplace. The calculator has been updated with zip code-specific data on 2015 health plans that are being sold through the marketplaces during the open enrollment period. The calculator also helps consumers determine whether they could be eligible for Medicaid.

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