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Tell Governor Abbott: Block Grants Hurt Health Centers
Your community health center needs your help. The care our network provides to 1.2 million Texans across the state is currently being threatened by federal proposals to limit government spending on Medicaid. These proposals will make it harder for Texans to access healthcare.

Health centers are a unique model of healthcare that has worked in Texas for more than 50 years. Centers see every patient who comes through our doors, insured or not. We are one-stop-shops for medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare, and a model of personal responsibility. All uninsured patients who use center services pay a copay based on their income, contributing a total of $73 million to their care just last year.

Current federal proposals to change funding for the Medicaid program, called block grants or per capita caps, will result in cuts to eligibility for insurance, benefits, and payments to healthcare providers that accept Medicaid. These cuts shift the burden to Texas to make up the difference in funding, a burden health centers cannot afford. Moreover, it puts further pressure on local governments when uninsured patients seek costly care in local emergency rooms. These changes could even cause property taxes to increase.

Your voice matters. We can fight this. Please join us and tell Governor Abbott to reject these proposals and protect health centers and our patients. There is no upside to block grants or per capita caps in Texas.

Click here to tell Governor Abbott to reject these proposals!



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