Opioid Facts/Risks

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Photo Gallery

2012 Employee of the Year
(L to R) Rita Chavez with CEO, Robin Moore

Employees With Over 10 Years of Service
(L to R) Jan Henson, COO; Anita Humphreys, CFO; Noel Garcia, RPh; Kashina Menefee; Tricia Martin; Darla O’Neill; Robin Moore, CEO

Employees With 6-10 Years of Service
(L to R) Jody White, Ray Hillhouse, Sherry Thomas, Winn Davis, Cindy Pacheco, Tonya Washington, Fleshia Smith, Shannon Miller

Employees With 5 Years of Service
(L to R) Karina Posada, Kisha Brooks, Jessica Coulston, Cyndi Cleveland, Dorothy Ayers, Lidia Luviano, Paige Murdock, Cheanda Ross, Dr. Brice Houston

Employees With 4 Years of Service
(L to R) Rita Chavez, Melissa Shelton, TracyLynn Risher, Amy Lee

Employees With 3 Years of Service
(L to R) Irma Cobos, DiAnna English, Dr. Diane LeHuanCua

Employees With 2 Years of Service
(L to R) Edith Mattheyer, Dr. James Koerner

Employees With 1 Year of Service
(L to R) Dr. Em Otte, Olivia Cruz, Makesha Clemons, Esmeralda Garcia, Araceli Morales, Peter Gergen, PA-C